“I love these faux locs! When I first received it in the pack it had a nice sheen to it like it was well moisturized. I personally like when I have faux locs in for a certain period of time tho because the hair starts to look like real locs!”

Customer ordered 8 packs of color # 1b. Customer crocheted pieces in and left her perimeter out. To make the style appear more realistic customer installed faux locs manually along the perimeter.

“I saw another girl on the website with color #30 and 1B so I decided to purchase it and Im so glad I did!! I got a lot of compliments on the hair and a few people even asked me what my hair care regimen was lol. I’ll be purchasing more shortly just in a different color.”

“Loveeee these locs!!!!! Yesssss to the locs!!! lol After installing them, I roller set them and it came out so pretty! thanks so much!”

“Thanks B2B!!!!! You’re the BESTTT when it comes to crochet hair!!”

Customer purchased 6 packs of the Havana mambo 12in. “I really like this. I left it twisted the first week then unraveled it. I love how it looks both ways. My mom wants to try it now lol.”

Customer purchased 6 packs of the 22inch Havana Mambo in the color 1B. “Its soft and very flexible. I can do whatever style I want even though they’re crocheted in. So glad I found out about crochet twists because I really do not have the patience to sit for hours getting this done lol”

Customer installed hair and layered it. She separated the strands slightly to add some kink.

Customer installed 6 packs of hair in the color #2. Hair can be taken down, washed, and reinstalled.

Customer installed 6 packs of hair in the color #2. Hair can be taken down, washed, and reinstalled.

Customer purchased 6 packs of our special addition platinum blonde Jumbo Braids.

“I Loveeeee this hair!!! I’ll be purchasing again soon!!! ”

Customer achieved curl pattern by curling hair with flexi rods. She separated the hair slightly and styled/cut hair in a bob after installing.

“I cut the hair in half, I also pulled the hair apart before I crochet it in my hair. Once the hair was crocheted in I used coconut oil and doubled strand twist the hair, which gives it a natural look. Luv da hair! Thanks! ”

Customer ordered 6 packs of Caribbean Bounce in color #33.

Customer ordered 6 packs of Havana Mambo 12in in color #1b. Twists were unraveled and styled as desired.

“This is surprisingly good quality braiding hair. Other brands I used tangled so horribly. So happy with my results! Keep up the great work guys!!! I’ll be purchasing again.”